Dr. Meng Yu

Professor, Department Chair
Department of Cybersecurity and Information Technology
Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering & Sciences, University of West Florida


Building 4, Room 228
11000 University Pkwy
Pensacola, FL 325145

Email: myu at uwf dot edu
Office: (850)474-2137


www.profmengyu.org www.profmengyu.com


I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in December, 2001 from Nanjing University  China. My Ph.D. advisors were Professor Li Xie and Professor Zhongxiu Sun. Before I became an assistant professor in 2004, I had been a postdoctoral research associate in Professor Peng Liu's Cyber Security Lab at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

I am currently the chair of department of cybersecurity and information technology of University of West Florida.

My research interests include computer security, trustworthy AI, and AI enabled security.